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Breaking News: ChillZone Productions Brings You The All New Singles Night At Sledge Lounge Starting 8/14/2015


Have you been looking for that mature grown and sexy spot with the class and pizzazz that only true attractive hard working professionals can enjoy? Are you sick and tired of parting with unruly young adults that can’t appreciate the quality of a good man or women? If I haven’t peeped you interest by now then you are about to miss out on one of the biggest events to hit the ATL. This Friday August 14th,  ChillZone Productions will be launching one of the biggest singles night event the city has ever seen with numerous celebrities, media and countless beautiful working professionals in attendance. There will be great food, astounding drink specials, plenty of paparazzi with the type of music only the lover in you could enjoy. Now all of this with be orchestrated by your host the one and only Kelvin “K Chill’ Harris the love doctor himself. Doors open at 9pm and it’s $10 in advance on EventBrite.com but $20 at the door. Make sure you get there early for the free giveaways while enjoying the wisdom of celebrity relationship expert Alex Jones. Now that’s not all,  you know we had to put the icing on the cake by giving you a surprise performance from one of the biggest names in the music business! Your happiness is only a few days away so beat us there don”t meet us there and remember you are this close to that next love connection.

For more information contact: ChillZone Productions at 678-235-1611


Comedian Terrell D Marrow Partners With Businessmen K Chill & Tetraz

We all know that Atlanta is a very funny city and comedy in Atlanta is a crucial part of the whole ATL experience. As we speak, one such funny man Mr. Terrell D Marrow has been enjoying a great deal of new found success after partnering up with Atlanta rappers and businessmen K Chill & Tetraz. With a stern endorsement from veteran celebrity comedian Joe Torry and multiple appearances on Bounce TV, Comedy Central and many more shows I really do believe that Terrell is headed for stardom. As ChillZone Ceo K Chill make the media rounds with the young comedian one can only see greatness in this business collaboration. The pair have been seen on many run ways walking the red carpet as well as hobnobbing with many of Atlanta social elites. When asked about his future Terrell replies “I working on my comedy DVD and auditioning for new movie roles in between my club dates”.  With such a head start over the freshman class already and aligning himself with the right people look for Terrell to follow in the steps of comedy greats like Kevin Hart or Chris Tucker all the way to the top.

Socialite K Chill hangs out with the cast of the hit reality show “Cutting It In The ATL”

Not only was rapper K Chill, who has turned into somewhat of a socialite hanging all over the city with celebrity after celebrity, he somehow found the time to go to the “Twisted Strawberry Soiree” and met up with “Ms Gynesis” and  “Beautii Joseph” from the hit reality TV show “Cutting It In The ATL”. He also met up with one of the hardest working men in the business “Larry Love” making this quite the weekend. Whether it’s networking or appearing in major motion pictures K Chill seem to have come into his own recently after the career boost of reuniting and performing at the  Hot 107.9 Bithbady Bash 2015 with his brother and long time business partner Tetraz. For more information on this story or to book K Chill email: bookkchillandtetraz@gmail.com.

Super Star Comedian Joe Torry and Entertainer K Chill Invades Atlanta


This weekend was so star studded that I really don’t know where to begin but here goes nothing. The weekend started with super star comedian “Joe Torry” arriving Thursday for an all out busting gut fun laugh fest at The Comedy Club alone side his long time friend and sometime business associate K Chill from the rap group K Chill & Tetraz. Night after night, packed show after packed show the people kept rolling in and the celebrities kept coming to welcome Joe Torry back to the city. We all know if Joe Torry was hanging with K Chill it was some long nights and plenty of club jumping. With the recent spike to K Chill & Tetraz career due to movie cameo’s and performing at Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash 2015 Joe Torry was not the only celebrity getting the royal treatment this weekend. If you are a Joe Torry fan and love good old fashion fun and comedy but didn’t catch his show this weekend then you missed a treat. Joe was in rare form with all new material and he definitely brought the city out.

20th Century Fox Taps Local Rapper K Chill For The New Alvin & The Chipmunks Movie 4

Local Atlanta rapper K Chill from the group K Chill & Tetraz has been enjoying quite the success and attention as he was tapped to play a record producer in the new Alvin & The Chipmunks 4 Road Chip movie. As news spread about his good fortune the new face of Atlanta inner circle seems calm and humble. As filming continues, K Chill has started meeting and mingling with numerous well established cast members, actors as well as Hollywood film producers. This might just be his breakout role but only time will tell if the camera can capture his passion and charisma. Already 3 days into filming and K Chill states “I can see myself growing with this franchise as well as taking on bigger more challenging roles to expand my brand”. Stay tune for more details as this story keeps developing.

For more info on K Chill or this story email: bookkchillandtetraz@gmail.com.



It’s no secret that Atlanta rap group K Chill & Tetraz have been working very hard to grow their brand and coming off of the hills of there recent inclusion to the Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash 2015 slated for June 19th 2015 at The Tabernacle the news just keeps getting better. Group member K Chill just received an offer to appear in the new 20th Century Fox movie “Alvin & The Chipmunks 4 Road Chip”. This will be K Chill 15th movie to date but his first with a major film studio. It seems that acting is a natural right of passage for rappers and K Chill is no exceptions. With his sights set on Hollywood stay tune as this story develops.