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Comedian Terrell D Marrow Partners With Businessmen K Chill & Tetraz

We all know that Atlanta is a very funny city and comedy in Atlanta is a crucial part of the whole ATL experience. As we speak, one such funny man Mr. Terrell D Marrow has been enjoying a great deal of new found success after partnering up with Atlanta rappers and businessmen K Chill & Tetraz. With a stern endorsement from veteran celebrity comedian Joe Torry and multiple appearances on Bounce TV, Comedy Central and many more shows I really do believe that Terrell is headed for stardom. As ChillZone Ceo K Chill make the media rounds with the young comedian one can only see greatness in this business collaboration. The pair have been seen on many run ways walking the red carpet as well as hobnobbing with many of Atlanta social elites. When asked about his future Terrell replies “I working on my comedy DVD and auditioning for new movie roles in between my club dates”. ¬†With such a head start over the freshman class already and aligning himself with the right people look for Terrell to follow in the steps of comedy greats like Kevin Hart or Chris Tucker all the way to the top.


Super Star Comedian Joe Torry and Entertainer K Chill Invades Atlanta


This weekend was so star studded that I really don’t know where to begin but here goes nothing. The weekend started with super star comedian “Joe Torry” arriving Thursday for an all out busting gut fun laugh fest at The Comedy Club alone side his long time friend and sometime business associate K Chill from the rap group K Chill & Tetraz. Night after night, packed show after packed show the people kept rolling in and the celebrities kept coming to welcome Joe Torry back to the city. We all know if Joe Torry was hanging with K Chill it was some long nights and plenty of club jumping. With the recent spike to K Chill & Tetraz career due to movie cameo’s and performing at Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash 2015 Joe Torry was not the only celebrity getting the royal treatment this weekend. If you are a Joe Torry fan and love good old fashion fun and comedy but didn’t catch his show this weekend then you missed a treat. Joe was in rare form with all new material and he definitely brought the city out.